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Plastic Box Glossary of Terminology

To help you better understand the world of plastic boxes, we have created our own glossary of logistics terminology.


Anti-static material can be used to manufacture containers to avoid the accumulation of electric charge. Anti-static products have a resistance in the range of 1011 - 1014 Ohms and are available in a number of colour options dependent on quantity.

Automated Handling

Conveyor systems, carousels and automated retrieval systems, amongst other equipment, are referred to as automated handling. When sourcing plastic boxes, it is advantageous to ensure that the box is compatible with automated equipment.

Bale Arm Box

A bale arm box design has a moving bale arm which can be placed forward and backward to allow either positive stacking or nesting.

Closed Loop

A closed loop distribution arrangement is where the boxes remain in direct control of the boxes’ owner. For example, holding Work in Progress, being transferred between areas within the same factory or business. There is less risk of the boxes being lost or damaged, in a Closed Loop situation, and this prolongs and protects the boxes' working life.


Conductive material can be used to manufacture containers to ensure immediate electric discharge. Conductive products have a resistance below 104 Ohms and are only available in black.

Custom Colours

Although most plastic boxes are black or grey as standard, many types can be moulded in different colours – and for large quantities, it can be possible to order plastic boxes in a corporate colour.


ESD stands for Electrostatic Discharge and is a material used to manufacture containers to ensure controlled electric discharge. ESD products have a resistance in the range of 104 - 1011 Ohms and offer effective product protection for handling electronic components in assembly, storage and processing areas.

Euro Size Boxes

Euro Size Boxes are boxes that have been specially design to be compatible with 1200mm (L) x 1000mm (W) and 1200mm (L) x 800mm (W) Euro pallets.

Foldable Box

Folding boxes are those that can fold virtually flat when empty, offering valuable space and cost savings.


High density PolyEthylene. Plastic material used to manufacture plastic boxes.

Hot Die Stamping

Hot die stamping is branding that is embedded in the plastic and then has a colour added for ease of identification.

Injection Moulding

This is the method used to manufacture the majority of plastic boxes.

Label Holders

Label holders are manufactured from durable clear polycarbonate and attach to most containers using industrial adhesive tape. Label holders generally measure 120mm (L) x 85mm (W).

Logo Plate

A logo plate is a component that is inserted into a mould tool and produces a moulded-in company name, logo or message into plastic. Logo plate printing is completely permanent, but only cost effective for large quantities.

Nestable Boxes

Nestable boxes are boxes that nest inside each other, which saves space in storage and transportation when empty, and reduces fuel costs in return journey transportation. Nesting boxes come in two main designs – a 180 degree turn or a bale arm design.

Net Weight

The weight of the empty box in kg (or lb.)

Packaging Regulations

Regulations obliging companies to reduce the volume of packaging materials consumed, applying to wood and other materials.

Perforated Side Walls

Perforated side walls offer good ventilation and are popular for grocery applications.


PolyEthylene. Plastic material used to manufacture plastic boxes.


Plastic material used to manufacture plastic boxes.


Plastic material used to manufacture plastic boxes.


PolyPropylene. Plastic material used to manufacture plastic boxes.

Screen Printing

Screen printing sits on the surface of a plastic box and is an ideal way to add a company name where detail is required.

Stacking Boxes

Stacking boxes have straight sided walls that give a good internal capacity and a very positive stack location. Many of our stacking boxes can be stacked up to seven boxes high.

Solid Side Walls

Solid side walls offer maximum strength and rigidity.

Ticket Clips

Ticket clips are manufactured from strong and durable metal and attach to the rib of most containers. We do not recommend metal clips for hygienic applications.

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