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Selecting a Plastic Box

Before selecting your plastic box, spare a moment to consider the following:


Plastic boxes are manufactured from high density polyethylene (HDPE) or polypropylene (PP). Other bespoke materials are available depending on your requirements. The specification will depend upon the proposed application.

If your boxes are to have direct contact with food, or if high performance is required, virgin materials (rather than recycled) are recommended. They also look better, if that is a consideration. However, recycled materials offer a more economic and environmentally-friendly alternative.

Solid or Perforated Side Walls

Many of our plastic boxes come with the option of solid or perforated side walls. Solid sides offer maximum strength and rigidity, where perforated sides offer excellent ventilation – popular for grocery applications. Both types can be easily cleaned and provide all the benefits associated with plastic boxes.

Stack, Nest, Fold

Stacking boxes, like our Euro containers, have straight sided walls that give a good internal capacity and a very positive stack location. Many of our stacking boxes can be stacked up to seven boxes high.

Nesting and stacking boxes offer both good internal capacity with the added benefit of being able to nest inside each other, which saves space in storage and transportation and reduces fuel costs on return journey transportation.

Nesting and stacking boxes come in two main designs – a 180 degree turn or a bale arm design.

The 180 degree design has a slightly reduced internal capacity but this is offset by a deep nest with the added benefit of no moving parts that could break or harbour dirt and bacteria.

The bale arm design, which is favoured by the retail supply chain, has a moving bale arm which can be placed forward and backward to allow either positive stacking or nesting.

Folding boxes have excellent square internal volume. As they can fold virtually flat, they offer valuable space and cost savings when not in use or being returned to be refilled for their next trip.


We offer three main printing styles for effectively customising boxes: hot die stamping; screen printing; and the logo plate.

Hot die stamping is branding that is embedded in the plastic and then has a colour added for ease of identification.

Screen printing sits on the surface of the plastic box and is an ideal way to add a company logo where more detail is required.

The logo plate is inserted into the mould tool and moulds a company name, logo or message into the plastic. This printing method is completely permanent.

Label Holders

Some of our plastic boxes offer the option of label holders. Our standard label holder is manufactured from durable clear polycarbonate and attaches to most containers using industrial adhesive tape.

At 120mm (L) x 85mm (W) it secures most labels enabling any operative to clearly see relevant detail.

Ticket Clips

Alternatively we offer ticket clips, which are manufactured from strong and durable metal and attach to the rib that is found on most containers. We do not recommend metal clips for hygienic applications.

Ask the experts

If you need help selecting the best plastic box for your application, call our expert team of advisors on 01323 744057 or email sales@goplasticboxes.com.